We are ready to serve the heavy lifting project in accordance with the standardization of occupational safety and health by using certified healthy lifting equipment as well as a licensed operator. As well as with other transport freight that used to follow the same standards

We have some experience in handling projects of material  Rig moving from Pertamina drilling services, Harmand Inti Marin, and others. Which we have lived wholeheartedly in accordance with the high specification and standardization of secure and safety  both  at the location of loading and unloading.

We are accustomed to the delivery of goods as well as super-large sized machines such as boilers, generators, tanks and others to and from all regions project in Indonesia using a variety of modes of transport that aims to facilitate customers running its business activities without the slightest hesitation

Many companies make products project construction such as bridges or other construction materials are made in the workshop itself and not at the project site. We make sure all the material by gathering is exceeding 12 meters to tens of meters of the remains we run properly and safely, of course, by using our tool suite as boogey trailer or sliding chassis trailer

We serve the transport of small vehicles, moderate to heavy vehicles with any transportation mode in accordance with the budget you have customers. in terms of providing the best service, we always put the whole desire of our customers as our motivation to give satisfaction.


When your office will move to a better location, but you do not have employees who can carry out these activities, then let us help you as a professional partner, to ensure the entire office slightest material goods must be recorded and transported out of place, respectively

In case you need expertise in terms of doing the packing of goods large and heavy items, please contacted us and you will be impressed with the results that we provide, because we only use good quality wood as its main component.

Jacking process is required to lift on foundation, sliding, or move a large and heavy cargo in a position that is difficult to reach with  any lifting equipment such as mobile or crawler crane.
We provide you Our best team of professionals with a target of achieving 100% accurate.