20 Feet & 40 Feet Trailer                    :  60  Unit

Our trailer unit provided with a tail flatbed and iron frame in 2 choice of 6 meters long and 12 meters long. Equipped with a locking container, iron chains and belts as a means of fastening the securing cargo or containers

Low Bed and Dolly Transport service     :  14  Unit

Our Lowbed/Dolly unit provided with a tail flatbed  with many choice of length :
6 meters long, 10 meter and 12 meters long and bed width 3,30 meters. Equipped with Block Stopper, Iron Chains Block and Lock belts as a means of fastening the securing heavy weight and oversize cargo.

Sliding Chassis up to 18M                     :    8  Unit

We have  sliding unit chassis for cargo exceeding the size of a standard trailer up to a maximum length of 24 meters to support your activities easily

Boogey Trailer                                   :    2  Unit

Boogey Trailer is suitable for a load of construction with a length in excess of 18 meters , up to a maximum length over the cargo to be transport of.

Prime Mover 6 x 6                              :    2  Unit

We provides the fleet with special specifications 6 x 6 which has a double-axle to meet delivery requirements in the area of steep uphill and downhill towards or from work site.

DUMPTRUCK 12 CBM & 24 CBM    : 16 UNIT 

There are also special trucks of bulk cargo such as coal, sand, chemical raw materials by using dumptruck with 2 types of different sizes to fit your needs.